Rat's Lair: Site Map

A list of all the pages in the site, except hidden pages. If a link doesn't work, then the page hasn't been made yet, but will be made soon.






There are hidden pages in this site! If you want to find them, then you have to find the next part of the url of the page (https://subterraneanhomesickalien.neocities.org/*INSERT-MISSING-URL-PART-HERE*). Down below are how to find these missing urls.

  • Hidden page 1: 8-15-10-19-5: A1Z26, Atbash and three letters back, all caps.
  • Hidden page 2: GRPQJLKFHX: The key is -3 and all caps
  • Hidden page 3: 101000000 x 11001000: The numbers are the codes you must decipher. "X" is simply the times symble, as in maths. Once you solve what the codes are, you still have another problem to solve to find the page.